Free Easy Simple Magic Tricks

‘The Magic Bottle Trick’

From a spectator’s point of view, this is how it would look:

A volunteer is requested from the crowd or audience that is present. The magician will be holding a bottle and the volunteer will be asked to examine the bottle. The magician will ask the volunteer to then show the bottle to the audience to prove that it is an ordinary, empty bottle.

The volunteer will then hand the bottle back to the magician and will be then requested to examine the magic wand as well.
Once everything is checked, the magician will proceed to drop the wand into the bottle that was examined earlier. The magician will turn the bottle over and will let go of the wand.

The easy simple magic trick is that the wand will remain suspended inside the bottle!

The things that are needed for this trick are:

1. An opaque bottle with an opening that is large enough for the wand to fit in.

2. A wand that is taller than the bottle that it is to fit in. Make sure that part of the wand sticks out of the opening.

3. An eraser.

A piece of the eraser should be cut to the bottle opening very snugly and it should wedge in quite firmly. Note that the eraser is key to making this easy simple magic trick work.

Simple Magic Trick

Now for the ‘magic’ part:

Once the volunteer has taken the bottle from the magician and has shown it to the audience to prove it is empty, the volunteer returns it to the magician.

The magician then hands the ‘magic’ wand to a member of the audience.

While the participant examines the wand, the magician quickly slips the piece of eraser into the bottle. This is done in a way that no one sees and is hidden from the audience.

The wand is then taken from the audience member and seemingly dropped into the bottle.

Once that is done, both the bottle and the wand are picked up gently and slowly and turned upside down.
While the bottle is being turned, the wand is pulled slightly to enable it to get wedged into the opening. The wand is then let go and voila!

The wand ‘magically’ does not drop out. Now, slowly turn the bottle upright again and the wand remains suspended! It does not fall down into the bottle.

Slowly turn the bottle upright again, let go of everything and the wand remains suspended in the bottle and more importantly, it does not fall back down. The wand is then slightly pushed to enable it to be released from the eraser. It is then slowly taken out of the bottle and is finally removed!

Here you go…one of many easy simple magic tricks you can try!

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